Networking. Learning. Laughing.

That was my overwhelming experience at the 2013 Getaway Travel Bloggers Conference in Woodstock yesterday.

With 120 attendees (mostly independent or travel industry bloggers/marketers) and 15 awesome speakers from all corners of the digital/travel wagon-wheel, notebooks were crammed with “do this when I get home” tactics and plenty of nuggets of inspiration.

As a wannabe writer, I learnt. As an online travel industry member, I was proud.

I had the privilege of sharing my thoughts on what bloggers need to be aware of when working with travel companies:


Working with travel companies:

#1 – Know your blog’s most important metrics, so you can gauge your level of success on a local and international scale.

#2 – “The dream” is to be sent on exciting all-expenses-paid writing assignments, right? To achieve this level of travel blogging nirvana, you need to keep one thing foremost in mind: the company footing the bill, wants a return on their investment. If they don’t get it, you won’t be getting the call-back. ROI FTW.

#3 – What are the things that matter most to travel companies when contracting, commissioning or hiring travel bloggers? A 20-point questionnaire answered by 25 marketing and content managers at some of South Africa’s leading travel companies reveals what matters most, and what doesn’t matter much at all.


UPDATE – read a detailed analysis of the travel writer / travel blogger research.


Two key resources for travel bloggers:

Discover Africa Group blog skills  - a simple self-evaluation form that allows bloggers to evaluate their own travel blogging awesomeness. – A free browser plugin (for chrome or firefox) that allows you to “look under the hood” of your website (and anyone’s website for that matter) – to find important metrics like number of links pointing to a website, age of a website and the domain authority of a website.


2 Comments to “3 Essential insights for travel bloggers that want to work with travel companies”

  1. Roxanne Reid says:

    Thanks for this Andre; it makes up in small part for me missing your presentation at #GTBC yesterday. Some really useful stuff here. I particularly love the blog skills test and the Moz seo toolbar. Who knew it could be so easy?!

  2. Kim Mokgatllha says:

    As an amatuer travel and tourism tweeter, I can already see how my passion can earn me a buck to continue my travel journeys. I’m a Tourism student that’s particularly interested in the marketing aspects of travel. E-marketing is something I see as the future for travel bloggers and potential tourists. My struggle on the net is refining my concept of sharing travel stories that will inspire #DomesticTravel. Anyway, you’ve made me realise that bloggers have legitamate credibility and that companies know this.

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