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Travel writers and travel bloggers dream of getting paid to do the two things they love most: travel and write. Photo: Hot air ballooning in the Namib Desert.  Courtesy of Sarah Duff – a South African travel writer who was commissioned to write about the region in 2013. However, even in this digital age where content [...]

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Networking. Learning. Laughing. That was my overwhelming experience at the 2013 Getaway Travel Bloggers Conference in Woodstock yesterday. With 120 attendees (mostly independent or travel industry bloggers/marketers) and 15 awesome speakers from all corners of the digital/travel wagon-wheel, notebooks were crammed with “do this when I get home” tactics and plenty of nuggets of inspiration. As [...]

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Posted by Andre Van Kets, July 28th, 2011
Some say its all doom and gloom for the South African Tourism Industry. Researchers disagree, predicting a continued upward trend for tourism arrivals to South Africa.

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