Posted by Andre Van Kets, December 6th, 2012

The Content Strategy Forum 2012 was held at the Spier Conference Centre in Stellenbosch earlier this year. The event was attended mostly by content / digital / marketing strategists, with presentations from some of the world’s leading minds in digital, web — and specifically — content strategy.

The event certainly opened up my eyes to the importance of considering content VERY DEEPLY before starting any web project or making any major changes to websites.

My main content strategy take away points from the event were:

1. Content strategy requires teamwork
2. Consider content AND the people that create your content
3. Match your writing to your audience’s literacy level
4. The Five W’s (and H) of content strategy
5. Voice and tone matter
6. SEO is not dead
7. Break your content into chunks
8. Get your developers to wrap your content in metadata
9. Get your developers to embrace web standards (and HTML5)
10. Build platforms that allow users to tell their stories

I’ve written more about these points here -







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