Posted by Andre Van Kets, July 20th, 2011

I really enjoy spotting special Google logos.

Especially when I learn something (geekishly cool) from the logos like: Jules Verne’s 183rd Birthday, Les Paul’s 96th Birthday or Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s 110th Birthday.


Google Holiday Logos

Examples of past Google Holiday Logos



It’s very seldom that I actually get excited at the PROSPECT of Google paying tribute to someone or something by adapting their logo for a day…

So let’s just say I was rather disappointed to find that there was no Google logo for Madiba on Mandela Day.

Maybe they’ve got a policy of only commemorating departed heroes? Or maybe Mandela Day isn’t such a big thing overseas yet? Or maybe the guys at the Googleplex need some prodding and poking?


I think Mandela is worthy of a special Google Logo. Don’t you?

On a positive note, our team did commit their 67 minutes of duty in honour of Madiba. We even got a mention on the BBC news Africa website. Nice one!

And kudos to the printing company around the corner from our office in Cape Town. I spotted their equivalent of a “Mandela Google Logo” when I popped out for lunch on Monday.



Mandela Day Google Logo Replacement Image

Mandela Day Google Logo Equivalent


That cheered me up.

Happy birthday Madiba. Google logo or no Google logo, we love you.

2 Comments to “No Google Logo for Madiba on Mandela Day”

  1. dalene says:

    To Google, Marine Day in Japan seems to be more important than South African legend, Nelson Mandela! I don’t think so! Swak, Google, you should’ve paid tribute to a world renowned freedom rights defender and ambassador for peace: Nelson Mandela.

    The United Nations marked 18 July Nelson Mandela International Day – its not just a South African celebrated event.

    Not cool Google. Just not cool.

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