Posted by Andre Van Kets, July 28th, 2011

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) recently released the first edition of their South African Tourism Industry research report titled Making room for revenue – South African hospitality outlook: 2011 – 2015.

The tourism report presents historical data from 2004-2011 and projects trends for the next 4 years up to and including 2015.

All key hospitality industry factors are covered: visitor arrivals, bed nights, revenue, average room rates, room supply and room demand. The effects of the global economic recession and the 2010 FIFA World Cup are also discussed.Steep decline in South Africa Tourism arrivals: 2010-2011

Steep decline in South Africa Tourism arrivals: 2010-2011

Of the tourism industry’s current suffering status we’ve heard many differing opinions like: Mayday, Mayday – Cape hospitality industry ship is sinking. Others are a bit more optimistic saying that we’re doing ok, and maybe its just time to re-think South Africa’s Tourism Industry approach.

Whatever your personal view, the exact same graph viewed through a slighly different lense (long term trend highlighted in blue) indicates that the upward trend we saw for tourism arrivals to South Africa pre-World Cup, is expected to continue through to 2015.

Upward trend for tourism arrivals to South Africa expected to continue

Upward trend for tourism arrivals to South Africa expected to continue

Well, that’s what the guys at PWC are saying.

And I agree with them.

What do you say?

2 Comments to “South African Tourism: Doom & Gloom… or Upward Boom?”

  1. Lesciba says:

    Quite informative and interesting.
    PWC is a reputable entity and while their research and projections seem logical – i would add that i think they could be on the ‘safe side’, I think the 2010 WC boosted the view of South Africa tourism-wise, so we can expect much higher arrivals/projections from atleast 2012 – 2015 compared to their/PWC’s arrival projections

    Good info though, *thumbs up*

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